IGS 2012 Video Competition

Poster video competition
In order to enrich the poster sessions, we will offer for the first time the option to present a 60-90 sec video presentation of your poster. The best videos as judged by a jury will receive prizes. Prizes will be given for the
1.) 'Best poster video' defined as the video that gives the most informative and best presented overview of the poster and
2.) 'Funniest and most creative poster video' (here the emphasis is on originality - consider it as a commercial for your poster).

The videos of the winners will be shown during the oral session on Friday morning, and prizes awarded. All videos will be shown on screens during the poster sessions.

Our goal is to have presenters upload their videos online. We will provide each participating presenter a sticker with a bar code (QR image). When scanned by a smartphone, this image will link to the video online - allowing attendees to see your poster presented anytime.

You can also upload additional material that you would like to show as part of your poster.
Examples of supplemental material could be videos of field work, additional images and figures, a pdf of the poster - use your imagination!

We have created a Youtube/Google account for the purposes of uploading videos to a single location, and also so that the formating is consistent for all videos.

You have two options:
1.) You prepare your video (and supplemental material) and upload it at home prior to the conference
2.) You make your video in Fairbanks during the first 2 days of the symposium using our facilities. We will provide the technology needed and provide assistance with making the video and uploading it.

Here are step by step instructions for uploading your video yourself.

1. Create a video of you explaining your work/presenting your poster. Please limit videos to NO MORE than two minutes in length (better 60-90 seconds). Be creative! There will be prizes for the best presentations.

2. Point your browser to youtube.com, and log in to the public account, username: igs2012video, password: glaciers

If you are asked to verify that you are the account holder, use the following information:
e-mail address: mcnabb@gi.alaska.edu
phone number: 907-474-1896

3. Upload your video by clicking on the "upload" button, and follow
the instructions on the screen. Adhere to the following format for
your videos

Title - (Abstract No.) Abstract Title.
Description - Paste your author list and abstract body.

4. If you have NO additional material, send an email to Bob McNabb (mcnabb@gi.alaska.edu) telling him that you have uploaded your video, along with a link to the video. We will then provide a sticker with a QR (barcode) image that you can place on or next to your poster on your arrival in Fairbanks.

5. If you have additional material (poster pdf, additional videos, photos, etc.), host this on your personal web page, then send an email to Bob McNabb (mcnabb@gi.alaska.edu) telling him the address to the page where you have the extra material. You might want to embed the youtube video on your page, or at least link to it. If you want to link to extra material, but not upload a video, this is an option for you, as well.