Abstracts & Papers

Abstracts & Papers

Participants wishing to present a paper (either oral or poster) at the Symposium
will be required to submit an abstract by 1 March 2012. A program and collection
of submitted abstracts on a USB stick will be provided for all participants at the

The Council of the International Glaciological Society has decided
to publish a thematic issue of the Annals of Glaciology on topics consistent
with the Symposium themes. Submissions to this issue will not be contingent on
presentation at the Symposium, and material presented at the symposium is not
necessarily affirmed as being suitable for consideration for this issue of the Annals.
Participants are encouraged, however, to submit manuscripts for this Annals
volume. The deadline for receiving Annals papers is 1 May 2012.


Gwenn Flowers, Chief Editor (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada)

Etienne Berthier, Richard Hindmarsh, Matthias Huss, Tómas Jóhannesson,
Tavi Murray, Valentina Radic, Catherine Ritz, Ben Smith,
Ed Waddington.