Ice sheet modeling / Inverse modeling
Further development of PISM (Parallel Ice Sheet Model) and its application to the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet, and Finite Element modeling of ice flow and crystal fabric evolution in central regions of ice sheets.

Glacier mass balance and the response of glaciers to climate change
including observations of glacier mass changes using laser altimetry, LIDAR and GRACE, and development of mass-balance/runoff models to hindcast past and project future glacier changes using climate scenarios on local, regional and global scales.

Glacier dynamics/Ocean-glacier interactions
Focusing on fast flow (e.g. Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica), process understanding and modeling of calving dynamics at marine (e.g. Yahtze Glacier, Columbia Glacier, Alaska, and Jakobshavn, Greenland), lake-terminating glaciers (Yakutat Glacier, Alaska) and ice shelf disintegration (Antarctic Peninsula).

Glacier seismicity and underwater acoustics
Focusing on use of seismic and acoustic data to make inferences on ice dynamics, calving dynamics, subglacial hydrology, and fjord dynamics.

Ice Core Paleoclimate Studies
Ice flow and ice physical properties near ice core sites (Siple Dome, WAIS Divide, Dome C, Antarctica and Mt. Waddington, British Columbia), interpreting past climate from physical properties of ice in ice cores (especially through borehole logging).
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