Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Collaborative research: What role do glaciers play in terrestrial sub-arctic hydrology?
2013-2016 (NSF), A. Liljedahl (PI), R. Hock, A. Gusmeroli, T. Douglas, J. Zhang

Development and validation of an updated hydrological model for Prince William Sound, Alaska.
2012-2014. (Oil Spills Recovery Institute)
D. Hill (OSU), A. Arendt, E. Hood (UAS).

The role of tributaries in glacier surges
2011-2014 (NSF).
M. Truffer, C.F. Larsen

Future glacier and runoff changes in the Susitna drainage basin
2012-2015 (Alaska Energy Authority through DGGS)
R. Hock, A. Liljedahl (INE), G. Wolken (DGGS)

Girls on Ice: Using Immersion to Teach Fluency in Science
2011-2015 (NSF)
E. Pettit

Mass budgets of Alaskan glaciers: an assessment of the dynamic contribution to sea level rise
2011-2015 (NASA)
R. Hock, A. Arendt M. Braun (Erlangen)

Collaborative Research: Crops, climate, canals, and the cryosphere in Asia – changing water resources around the Earth’s third pole
2010-2015 (NSF) [Abstract]
R. Hock, S. Frolking (U. New Hampshire), M. Friedl (Boston U.), K. Fisher-Vanden (Penn State)

Contribution of Western Antarctic Peninsula Glaciers to Sea Level Rise: Separation of the Dynamic and Climatic Components
2011-2014 (NSF)
R. Hock, M. Braun (Uni Erlangen, Germany)

Mass budget closure on the global inventory of mountain glacier and ice caps: Past and future sea-level rise and streamflow variability
2011-2014 (NASA)
R. Hock, J. Box (U. Ohio), R. Lammers (U. New Hampshire)

Collaborative Research: Present and future contribution of glacial runoff to freshwater discharge into the Gulf of Alaska
2009-2014 (NSF) [Abstract]
R. Hock, J. Zhang (ARSC), E. Hood (UAS)

Assessing the Sensitivity of Alaska's Coastal Rainforest Ecosystems to Changes in Glacier Runoff.
2011-2013. (DOI/USGS Alaska Climate Science Center)
S. O'Neel (USGS), A. Arendt, E. Hood (UAS), S. Pyare (UAS).

The Relationship between Climate and Ice Rheology at Dome C, East Antarctica
2010-2013 (NSF)
E. Pettit

Estimating future flood frequency and magnitude in basins affected by glacier wastage
2012-2013 (Department of Transportation)
A. Arendt, R. Hock, A. Liljedahl (INE),

Investigating Hydrologic Loading in Southeast Alaska Using GRACE and GPS Data
2009-2012 (NSF)
J. Freymueller, A. Arendt

A glacier-ocean observatory for tidewater glaciers
2010-2012 (Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation)
M. Truffer , M. Fahnestock

Status and Trends of Alaska NPS Glaciers
2010-2012 (NPS)
A. Arendt, B. Giffen (NPS), M. Loso (APU)

Contributions of Precipitation and Glacial Processes to Freshwater Fluxes into the Gulf of Alaska
2010-2012 (NPRB)
D. Hill (PSU), A. Arendt

P2C2 -- Ice Core Paleoclimate Records from Combatant Col, British Columbia, Canada
2009-2012 (NSF)
E. Pettit, Eric Steig (U. Washington), Doug Clark (Western Washington U.), Joe McConnell (Desert Research Institute)

Quantifying Glacier-Fjord-Ocean Interactions and Their Impact on Changing Ice Discharge: Kangia Nunata Sermia and Other Outlets, West Greenland.
2009-2012 (NSF-OPP)
M. Truffer, R. Motyka and M. Fahnestock

A high resolution Parallel Ice Sheet Model including fast, sliding flow: advanced development and application
2009-2012 (NASA)
E. Bueler, R. Hock, M. Truffer, D. Maxwell, A. Aschwanden, D. DellaGiustina

The causes and future direction of the rapid thinning and acceleration of Jakobshavn Isbræ, West Greenland
2009-2012 (NSF)
M. Truffer, M. Fahnestock (UNH), R. Motyka, M. Lüthi (ETH-Zürich), J. Amundson, J. Brown (ETH-Zürich), D. Podrasky

Ocean-Ice Sheet Interaction in the Amundsen Sea: The Keystone of West Antarctic Stability.
2008-2013 (NSF OPP). Collaborators: Robert Bindschadler (NASA), Tim Stanton (Naval Postgraduate School), Sridhar Anandakrishnan and Leo Peters (Penn State), David Holland (New York University), David Vaughn (British Antarctic Survey)

LARISSA: Abrupt Environmental Change in the Larsen Ice Shelf System, a Multidisciplinary Approach -- Cryosphere and Oceans
2008-2012 (NSF)
E. Pettit, href="">M. Truffer, Ted Scambos (U. Colorado, NSIDC), Ellen Mosley-Thompson (Ohio State U.), Bruce Huber (Columbia LDEO), Eugene Domack (Hamilton College), Maria Vernet (Scripps Inst. Oceanography), Amy Leventer (Colgate College), and others (

Quantifying recent mass changes of mountain glaciers in the Canadian high Arctic, the Patagonian icefields, and Eastern Greenland: An integrated approach using GRACE, airborne, and field observations
2008-2011 (NSF)
A. Arendt, W. Abdalati (U. Colorado), S. Luthcke, D. Rowlands (NASA GSFC), W. Krabill (NASA WFF)

A New Method for Observing Variability in Freshwater Discharge from Arctic and Antarctic Marine-Terminating Glaciers using Passive Acoustic Measurements
E. Pettit, Shad O’Neel (U. Colorado), Jeff Nystuen (U. Washington)

Anisotropy, Abrupt Climate Change, and the Deep Ice in West Antarctica
2007-2012 (NSF)
E. Pettit, Ed Waddington (U Washington)