Currently Funded

Currently Funded Projects

21st century regional sea level projections due to land ice mass losses and geodynamic adjustments using 3-D Earth models
2017-2020 (NASA), R. Hock (UAF), J. Freymueller (UAF), A. Aschwanden (UAF)

Using ICESat/OIB elevation and satellite-derived velocity changes to constrain time-varying basal motion
2017-2020 (NASA). A. Aschwanden (UAF), M. Fahnestock (UAF), D. Brinkerhoff (UAF).

Improving Greenland-wide ice discharge projections for the 21st century and beyond
2016-2017 (NASA NNX16AQ40G). A. Aschwanden

Collaborative Research: Understanding the controls on spatial and temporal variability in ice discharge using a Greenland-wide ice sheet model
2016-2019 (NSF PLR-1603799). A. Aschwanden (UAF), P. Heimbach (U Texas).

Collaborative Research: Feedbacks between Orographic Precipitation and Ice Dynamics
2017-2020 (NSF PLR-1644277). A. Aschwanden (UAF), E. Pettit (UAF), G. Roe (UW).

High Mountain Asia and Beyond: Regional Changes in Climate, Glaciers and Water Resources
2016-2019 (NASA). R. Hock (UAF), B. Osmanoglu (NASA) and R. Lammers (UNH) et al.

Collaborative Research: Refreezing in the firn of the Greenland ice sheet: Spatiotemporal variability and implications for ice sheet mass balance
2016-2019 (NSF). R. Hock (UAF), A. Rennermalm (Rutgers Univ), M. Tedesco (Columbia Univ.),

Collaborative research: Present and projected future forcings on Antarctic Peninsula glaciers and ice shelves using the Weather Forecasting and Research (WRF) Model
2016-2019 (NSF). R. Hock, M. Fahnestock, J. Zhang

Engaging a New Generation of Arctic
2013-2016 (NSF). V. Alexej, R. Hock, J. Walsh

Dynamics of subglacial erosion of soft sediments and its consequences for glacier evolution
2013-2016 (NSF). M. Truffer, A. Gusmeroli, C.F. Larsen, R. Motyka, J. Amundson (UAS), J. Kavanaugh (U. Alberta).

Understanding Measured Variability in the Greenland Ice Sheet Using the Parallel Ice Sheet Model
2013-2017 (NASA), E. Bueler, M. Fahnestock, A. Aschwanden, C. Khroulev