The glaciers group at the Geophysical Institute consists of 7 faculty members, 4 professors emeritus, science staff and graduate students. Our research consists of a wide range of topics, including glacier mass-balance and volume change studies using e.g. repeat-profile airborne laser altimetry, the dynamics of lake and tidewater calving glaciers, ice sheet modeling, and glacier seismicity. Methods encompass modeling, remote sensing and field observations. Current field sites include Greenland, Antarctica and various sites in Alaska.

Open positions:

Currently we have a Postdoc opportunity in ice-ocean interaction (modeling). See our Research Opportunities page.

Prospective graduate students - general information:

Typically a few graduate student research assistantships become available each academic year. If you are interested in applying to UAF's MSc or PhD program, please contact the person(s) in our group whose research interests coincide most closely with yours and inquire about upcoming opportunities.

Check with the UAF Grad School for requirements and procedures for applying. Glaciology students are encouraged to apply for the geophysics program. See for more information. Although most graduate students are associated with the Department of Geology and Geophysics through the geophysics program, you can also be associated with other departments, i.e. the Department of Physics.

More general information about UAF/living in Fairbanks is here and also here.