Post-symposium excursion

Update 28 May: Due to dropouts, there may still be seats available. Please contact IGS if you are interested in joining the excursion.
Note, we also offer a 1-day variant of this excursion (first day to Gulkana Glacier), see below.

A) 4-day excursion

A 4-day post-symposium excursion (Sat 30 June - Tue 3 July) will be organized to Valdez including visits of Gulkana and Worthington Glaciers and a boat trip to Columbia and Meares Glacier. The excursion will primarily be guided by Roman Motyka and Jason Amundson. It is also possible only to join the first day to Gulkana Glacier and return to Fairbanks the same day (see below).

See overview map here

Day 1: Drive from Fairbanks to USGS benchmark Gulkana Glacier close to Paxon (various stops on the way including Black Rapids Glacier); afternoon hike to Gulkana glacier (approx 1 hour easy walk to glacier snout).
We will stay at the Tangle River Inn on the Denali Highway just west of Paxon. Most participants will need to share rooms/cabins due to limited available space.

Day 2: Drive to Valdez (various stops on the way including Worthington Glacier)
(In Valdez we will stay at the Best Western Hotel). Single and double (twin beds) rooms are available.

Day 3: All-day boat trip to Columbia Glacier (retreating tidewater glacier) and Meares Glacier (advancing tidewater glaciers). The trip offers not only spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, fjords and glaciers but you will also see abundant wildlife. Typically you see sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, Humpback or Orca Whales, porpoise, eagles, puffins, eagles etc.

Day 4: Drive back from Valdez to Fairbanks (Arrival around 7-8 pm). Alternatively, participants can get off in Glennallen and catch a bus to Anchorage.

$US 650 (accommodation in twin bed room)
$US 820 (accommodation in single room in Valdez (2 nights) and if possible also at Tangle River Lodge)
Costs include bus transportation, accommodation (3 nights), all lunches, breakfast (day 2), dinner (day 1 and 3). It also includes the boat trip in Valdez (included 8 hour boat trip and lunch) worth $155.

Fairbanks - Valdez: 365 miles (562 km)
Valdez - Glennalen: 113 miles (181 km)
Glennallen - Anchorage: 180 miles (289 km)

Maximum number of participants: 50 (first-come-first-serve)

Note that you can only participate in the excursions if you register for the IGS meeting as 'regular' participant or accompanying person.

Tentative tour description and itenary

B) 1-day variant

We have 14 seats available for joining only the first day of the excursion. After the hike to the Gulkana Glacier in the afternoon you will return to Fairbanks by van (approx 3 hour drive back to Fairbanks, arrival around 10-11 pm). If you are interested in this variant please send a mail to Magnus Magnusson (IGS) (

$US 70 (includes transportation by van and lunch)

What to bring
It can be cold, rainy and windy. Bring: Warm clothes !!! Rain gear, hiking boots, fleece, rain jacket, hat, bug spray, sun glasses, daypack. If you want to get onto Gulkana Glacier crampons are helpful.
Note, that there are only very few towns/settlements between Fairbanks and Valdez, i.e. we won't have much opportunity to buy anything along the road, and no opportunity at all during the first day.