Scientific Program

The symposium will start with an icebreaker on 24 June 2012 at 5 pm.
Sessions start on Monday 25 June at 9 am and end on Friday 29 June at 5.30 pm.

Download overview of daily scientific and social schedule here

Download detailed scientific program (talks), update 15 June
List of posters on Tuesday , update 15 June
List of posters on Thursday , update 15 June

Link to enhanced poster sessions.

Talks slots are 15 minutes long including discussion and speaker change. Please keep your presentation to 13 minutes or less.
Poster boards are 4 ft (122 cm) high x 8 ft (244 cm) wide and we intend to have 2 posters on each board side by side. This means your poster should not be wider than 122 cm (A0 format will fit).
'Tuesday' posters should be put up on Monday morning and removed by Wednesday lunch time. 'Thursday' posters can be put up on Wednesday after 1 pm and need to be removed by Friday afternoon 6 pm.
Please note that you will need to bring ID/passport for the poster sessions since we serve beer. The poster area will be fenced off and you can only enter if you show ID (no matter your age).

Poster video competition
In order to enrich the poster sessions, we will offer for the first time the option to present a 60-90 sec video presentation of your poster. The best videos as judged by a jury will receive prizes. Prizes will be given for the
1.) 'Best poster video' defined as the video that gives the most informative and best presented overview of the poster and
2.) 'Funniest and most creative poster video' (here the emphasis is on originality - consider it as a commercial for your poster).

More information here.


  • Bob Bindschadler (NASA)
  • Roger Braithwaite (Manchester, UK)
  • Tad Pfeffer (U Colorado, US)
  • Christian Schoof (UBC Vancouver, Canada)
  • Martin Sharp (Edmonton, Canada)

Social Program

Costs of all events are included in the registration fee.

There will be an icebreaker reception in the pub at the Wood’s Center on campus on Sunday 24 June from 5–10 pm. Registration is available from 4-8 pm in front of the pub.

A half-day mid-week excursion will be organized to explore some of Fairbanks’s natural and cultural surroundings. We will return to Fairbanks approx around 9 pm. Participants can choose 1 of 3 options (Note, all costs are included in the registration fee except for dinner):

    1.) Gold-panning at the Eldorado Gold Mine followed by tour through the CRRL permafrost tunnel in Fox (10 km north of Fairbanks), and a visit of oil pipeline viewpoint. We will then drive to Chatanika (32 km north of Fairbanks), where you can explore the inside of a historic relic of a gold dredge operated between 1928 and 1958. We will have dinner together with group 2 at the
    Chatanika Gold Camp.

    2.) Gold-panning at the Eldorado Gold Mine (10 km north of Fairbanks). We continue to the rocket launching facility Poker Flat and stop on our way back at the Chatanika Gold Dredge in Chatanika. We will have dinner at the Chatanika Gold Camp.

    3.) We will drive to the tiny village of Chena Hot Springs (approx 1 hour drive north-east of Fairbanks). There you can enjoy a swim in the hot springs, go the Ice Museum and join a guided tour of the geothermal facility. Also short hikes in surrounding hills are possible. We will have dinner in the restaurant there.

Tuesday BBQ
A barbeque will be offered in front of the Museum of the North (7-10 pm). During that time the museum will be open for us. The entrance fee is included in the registration fee.

The banquet will be held on Thursday evening on a riverboat cruise
floating down the Chena river. Transport to the boat will be provided.

Pre-symposium excursion

A 2-day excursion will be organized to Denali Nationalpark, including the option of flight-seeing.

Post-symposium excursion

A 4-day excursion will be organized to Valdez including visit of Gulkana and Worthington Glaciers and a boats trip to Columbia and Meares Glacier immediately after the symposium.