Enhanced Poster Sessions

Poster that included supplementary material or a short video about the poster.

Youtube channel for all video presentations.

Winners of the poster video competition

'Best poster video':
First prize (shared prize): Harry Zekollari, Belgium, and Doug MacAyeal, Chicago
Second price: Barbara Truessel, Fairbanks

'Most original/creative poster video:
First prize (shared prize): L Mac Cathles, Chicago, and Regina Carnes, Seattle
Second price: Flavien Beaud, SFU Burnaby

Poster that included supplementary material or poster video

Tuesday Posters

  • 63A311 - Suitability of Multispectral Imagers for Remote Sensing of Glacier Mass Balance. Allen Pope
  • 63A330 - Climatic and oceanic forcing of the dramatic retreat of a large marine-terminating outlet glacier: Alison Glacier, north-west Greenland. Rachel Carr
  • 63A379 - Sensitivity modelled sliding erosion rates to non-steady basal hydraulic conditions. Flavien Beaud
  • 63A434 - 3-D Higher-Order modelling of Vadret da Morteratsch (Switzerland). Harry Zekollari
  • 63A438 - Rapid thinning of lake calving Yakutat Glacier, Southeast Alaska. Barbara TrĂ¼ssel
  • 63A484 - Morphology of the Fiord System Underlying Bering Glacier. Bruce Molnia
  • 63A512 - Climate Influences on Crystal Orientation & Growth in Snow and Firn. Regina Carns

Thursday Posters

  • 63A256 - The Flexural Dynamics of Melting Ice Shelves. Douglas MacAyeal
  • 63A271 - Coupled Ice Sheets in ModelE, the GISS GCM. Robert Fischer
  • 63A276 - Impact of Arithmetic symmetries on Simulated Thermodynamical Ice-sheet Evolution. Fuyuki Saito
  • 63A351 - Glacier distribution and recent fluctuations in the North Patagonian Andes. Lucas Ruiz
  • 63A383 - Comparison of the Dynamics of the 2008-2011 and 1993-1995 Surges of Bering Glacier. Bruce Molnia
  • 63A455 - Hydrodynamic pressures observed during laboratory-scale iceberg calving. L. Mac Cathles