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PhD and M.Sc. theses from the Glaciers Group

  • Joseph H. Kennedy, Ph.D. 2015 pdf
    Linking climate history and ice crystalline fabric evolution in polar ice sheets

  • Joanna Young, M.Sc. 2013 pdf
    Temperature index modeling of the Kahiltna Glacier: Comparison to multiple field and geodetic mass balance datasets

  • Timothy Bartholomaus, Ph.D. 2013 pdf
    Seismicity, seawater and seasonality: New insights into iceberg calving from Yahtse Glacier, Alaska

  • Marijke Habermann, Ph.D. 2013 pdf
    Basal shear strength inversions for ice sheets with an application to Jakobshavn Isbrae, Greenland

  • David Podrasky, Ph.D. 2013 pdf
    Jakobshaven Isbrae: velocity variations from hourly to decadal time scales at Greenland's fastest tidewater glacier

  • Bob McNabb, Ph.D. 2013 pdf
    On the frontal ablation of Alaska tidewater glaciers

  • Austin Johnson, M.Sc. 2012 pdf
    Estimating the mass balance of glaciers in the Glacier Bay area of Alaska, USA and British Columbia, Canada

  • Daniella DellaGiustina, M.Sc. 2012 pdf
    Regional modeling of Greenland’s outlet glaciers with the Parallel Ice Sheet Model. (Thesis in Computational Physics)

  • Laura LeBlanc, M.Sc. 2010 pdf
    Icequakes and Ice Motion: A Time-series Analysis of the Dynamics of the Bering Glacier, Alaska

  • Jason Amundson, Ph.D. 2010 pdf
    Iceberg Calving Dynamics of Jakobshavn Isbræ, Greenland

  • Valentina Radić, Ph.D. 2008 pdf
    Modeling Future Sea Level Rise From Melting Glaciers

  • Reginald Muskett, Ph.D. 2007 pdf
    Mass Balances and Dynamic Changes of the Bering, Malaspina, and Icy Bay Glacier Systems of Alaska, U.S.A., and Yukon, Canada

  • J. Brent Ritchie, M.S. 2007
    Seasonal Fluctuations in the Advance of a Tidewater Glacier and Potential Causes: Hubbard Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A.

  • Anthony Arendt, Ph.D. 2006 pdf
    Volume Changes of Alaska Glaciers: Contributions to Rising Sea Level and Links to Changing Climate

  • Jason Amundson, M.S. 2006 pdf
    Evidence for Stress Redistribution Beneath Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska

  • Ellie Boyce, M.S. 2006 pdf
    Instability and Retreat of a Lake-Calving Terminus, Mendenhall Glacier, Southeast Alaska

  • Elsbeth Kuriger, M.S. 2005 pdf
    Terminus Dynamics and Deformation of Proglacial Sediments at the Advancing Taku Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A.

  • Dan Elsberg, Ph.D. 2003
    Variations in Ice Flow and Glaciers Over Time and Space

  • Leif Cox, M.S. 2002 pdf
    Comparison of Geodetic and Glaciological Mass Balance of Gulkana Glacier, Alaska

  • Adam Bucki, M.S. 2002
    Geometry and Flow of Fireweed Rock Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A.

  • Shad O'Neel, M.S. 2000 pdf
    Motion and Calving at LeConte Glacier, Alaska

  • Martin Truffer, Ph.D. 1999
    Till Deformation Beneath Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska, and its Implication on Glacier Motion

  • Matt Nolan, Ph.D. 1998
    Seismic Detection of Transient Changes Beneath Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska

  • Gudfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir, M.S. 1997
    Surface Elevation and Volume Changes on the Harding Icefield, Southcentral Alaska