Martin Truffer


Martin   Truffer

Faculty in Physics

Office:     Elvey 401
Phone:   (907) 474-5359


1995 dipl. phys. ETH Zurich
1999 Ph.D. University of Alaska Fairbanks

Research Interest

  • Glacier dynamics
  • Subglacial processes
  • Ice-ocean interaction
  • Fast glacier flow
  • Geophysical applications to glaciology
  • Hot water drilling
  • Numerical modeling
  • Geophysical inverse methods

Some of my older projects are on my old homepage. I will slowly migrate to here.

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Research Projects

    Alaska + NW Pacific

  • Operation IceBridge Alaska. Funded by NASA. PI: C. Larsen, co-I: M. Truffer, J. Holt (Arizona)
  • Collaborative Research: RUI: A Half Century of Changing Glacier Dynamics at Athabasca Glacier. Funded by NSF. PI: William Armstrong, Co-I: M.Truffer
  • Collaborative Research: Dynamics of subglacial erosion of soft sediments and its consequences for glacier evolution. PI: M. Truffer, co-I: R. Motyka, J. Amundson, C. Larsen
  • The role of tributaries in glacier surges. Funded by NSF. PI: M. Truffer, co-I: C. Larsen.
  • Dynamics of Lake-Calving Glaciers: Yaktutat Glacier, Alaska. Funded by NSF OPP. PI: M. Motyka, Co-Is: M. Truffer and C. Larsen
  • Ice depths on the Harding Icefield. Funded by NPS. PI: M. Truffer
  • Greenland

  • Quantifying Glacier-Fjord-Ocean Interactions and Their Impact on Changing Ice Discharge: Kangia Nunata Sermia and Other Outlets, West Greenland. Funded by NSF-OPP. Co-PIs: R. Motyka and M. Fahnestock
  • Development of Drifting Buoys for Measuring Upper Ocean Properties in Heavily Ice Covered Fjords. Funded by the Greenland Climate Research Center. Co-I: Peter Winsor, SFOS-UAF
  • A glacier-ocean observatory for tidewater glaciers Funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Co-I: M. Fahnestock
  • The rapid retreat of Jakobshavn Isbrae, Greenland Funded by NASA. Co-I: M. Fahnestock, R. Motyka, M. Luethi (ETHZ)
  • Antarctica

  • NSF-NERC: Thwaites-Amundsen Regional Survey and Network (TARSAN) Integrating Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Processes affecting the Sub-Ice-Shelf Environment. PI: E. Pettit, Co-Is: K. Heywood (Southhampton), M. Truffer, T. Scambos (U Col), Atsu Muto (Temple), J. Lennarts (U Col), S. Tyler (U Nev)
  • RAPID: Observing the Disintegration of the Scar Inlet Ice Shelf. PI: E. Pettit, Co-I: M. Truffer, T. Scambos (U Col)
  • Collaborative Research: Fjord Ecosystem Structure and Function on the West Antarctic Peninsula - Hotspots of Productivity and Biodiversity? (FjordEco). PI: C. Smith (Hawai'i), co-I: P. Winsor, M. Truffer, M. Vernet (Scripps).
  • Ocean-Ice Sheet Interaction in the Amundsen Sea: The Keystone of West Antarctic Stability. Funded by NSF-OPP. Collaborators: NASA, Naval Postgraduate School, Penn State, New York University, British Antarctic Survey
  • The LARsen IceShelf System, Antarctica (LARISSA). Funded by NSF-OPP. Collaborators: Hamilton College, the National Snow and Ice Data Center, the Byrd Polar Institute, the Lamont-Doherty Observatory, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and Colgate College
  • Theory

  • Boundary inverse problems in glaciology. Funded by NSF-CMG. Collaborators: D. Maxwell, S. Avdonin,
  • The Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM) . Funded by NASA. PIs: E. Bueler, D. Maxwell, R. Hock, M. Truffer