Participants 2022 (in total 28)

US affiliations

  • Philipp Arndt (University of California San Diego)
    Using ICESat-2 and machine learning to understand mass balance processes of Antarctic ice shelves
  • Kyle Blum (Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks)
    Antarctic Ice Sheet modelling using PISM and machine learning
  • Victor Devaux-Chupin (Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks)
    Surge and Flux history of the Malaspina glacier, Alaska
  • Hui Gao (University at Buffalo)
    Role of the subglacial drainage system and bed topography for the evolution of Jakobshavn Isbrae
  • Eric Gagliano (University of Washington)
    Capturing the Evolution of Snow on Glaciers using SAR
  • Emily Glazer (Columbia University)
    Studying the drivers of basal melt underneath Antarctic ice shelves
  • Myron Malisse Lumuus (University of Kansas)
    Quantifying Glacial Meltwater Contributions to Stream Discharge in High Mountain Asia
  • Naomi Ochwat (University of Colorado, Boulder)
    Marine ice cliff instability (MICI)
  • Yoram Terleth (University of Idaho)
    Basal conditions during a surge of Turner glacier and implications for the surge mechanism
  • Brandon Tober (University of Arizona)
    Ice thickness and flux of Alaskan glaciers
  • Hannah Verboncoeur (Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado)
    A three-dimensional analysis of buttressing interactions on Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
  • Albin Wells (Carnegie Mellon University)
    Alaskan glaciers response to climate change using field measurements and remote sensing data
  • Joel Wilner (Dartmouth College)
    Understanding Calving Dynamics through Explainable Machine Learning

  • Outside USA

  • Chimira Andres (York University, Toronto, Canada)
    Glacial-periglacial land system dynamics in the Canadian High Arctic and Martian midlatitude regions
  • Karla Boxall (University of Cambridge, UK)
    Land ice-flow variability across the Antarctic Peninsula
  • Theresa Diener (University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
    Using remote sensing data in a coupled glacier system model
  • Morag Fotheringham (University of Edinburgh, UK)
    Ice-Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in the Arctic
  • Emily Glen (Lancaster University, UK)
    Meltwater ice-sheet interactions and the changing climate of Greenland
  • Anna-Mireilla Hayden (Univ. of Waterloo, Canada)
    Subglacial hydrology-ice dynamics interactions in Antarctica
  • Kamil Kachniarz (University of Silesia, Poland)
    Internal structure of glaciers in Spitzbergen
  • Johanna Klahold (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
    Studying glacier hydrology using 4D high-resolution ground-penetrating radar data
  • Ann-Sofie Zinck (IMAU Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
    Remote sensing of ice shelf thinning and basal melting in Antarctica
  • Thomas Frank (Uppsal University, Sweden)
    Ice thickness inversion and global glacier modeling
  • Veronica Tollenaar (Universite libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
    Antarctic blue ice as a porthole to the Solar System and Earth’s changing climate

  • The Norwegian-North American Glaciology Exchange Program RemoteEx

  • Coline Bouchayer (University of Oslo, Norway)
    Glacier velocity variations and predicting surge behavior using machine learning
  • Davor Dundovic (Oslo University, Norway)
    Parameterizing glacier geometry changes in a global glacier model
  • David Polashenski (Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks, USA)
    Basal Motion of Athabasca Glacier, Canada
  • Anirudha Vijay Mahagaonkar (Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø, Norway)
    Surface meltwater systems on ice shelves in East Antarctica

  • Instructors
    Andy Aschwanden, Ed Bueler, Mark Fahnestock, Regine Hock, Eric Peterson, Martin Truffer (U Alaska Fairbanks, UAF)
    Sarah Child (University of Boulder), Aleah Sommers (Dartmouth College, New Hampshire)
    Guest lecturer: Michael Loso (National Park Service Alaska)