JIRP Undergrad/Grad Ideas

Project directions
Data collection/analysis towards surface mass balance model validation
o Snow radar
o More stakes
o Anything on Luellen glacier?
Low frequency radar? - to get ice thicknesses, near divide, especially to get constraints for models
Possible for short helo flights
Possible to use snow machine for overnight trip
Existing weather stations at main camps - 18 and 10 campbell sci
- the ~60 year data is from mecury thermometers
Idea for bedrock GPS and seismic as background, the students can request equipment from UNAVCO/PASSCAL for more specific projects
Divide migration – between Taku and Luellen – profiles across
Regular DEMs from Paul Morin? But lots of imagery
Martin’s Taku project would allow us to request it over DEM - drilling, seismics - to look at bed processes
Water content in firn/superimposed ice
o Calorimeter in ice (Will did this)
o Soil Moisture Sensor
Grad students – getting them to help – doing small Global Change Grant where they would help undergrads.

Action Items
• UA wide JIRP scholarship – letter from all glaciologists in Alaska – Dean Layer first
• Meeting for 2015 JIF/JIRP specific projects