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Glaciers Reading Group.

Glaciers Reading Group Wiki Page

This is a wiki page to share information and documents about the Spring 2016 glaciers reading group.

Meeting time/place:

Tuesdays, 4 pm, Map Room.

Suggested paper list:

Glacier ocean interaction

Åström, J. A., Vallot, D., Schäfer, M., Welty, E. Z., Neel, S. O., Bartholomaus, T. C., … Moore, J. C. (2014). Termini of calving glaciers as self-organized critical systems. Nature Geoscience, 7(December), 874–878.

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Gladish, C. V., Holland, D. M., Rosing-Asvid, A., Behrens, J. W., & Boje, J. (2014). Oceanic Boundary Conditions for Jakobshavn Glacier: Part I. Variability and Renewal of Ilulissat Icefjord Waters, 2001-2014. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 141107130817004.

Howat, I. M., Joughin, I., Fahnestock, M. A., Smith, B. E., & Scambos, T. A. (2008). Synchronous retreat and acceleration of southeast Greenland outlet glaciers 2000–06: ice dynamics and coupling to climate. J. Glaciol., 54(187), 646–660.

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Firn hydrology

Pfeffer, W., Meier, M. & Illangasekare, T. H. Retention of Greenland runoff by refreezing: implications for projected future sea level change. J. Geophys. Res. 96, 22117–22124 (1991).

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Kuipers Munneke et al., 2014. Explaining the presence of perennial liquid water bodies in the firn of the Greenland Ice Sheet. GRL

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Lindbäck, K. et al. Subglacial water drainage, storage, and piracy beneath the Greenland ice sheet. Geophys. Res. Lett. 42, 7606–7614 (2015).


No paper, just introductory material.

presenter: A. Roth
paper: O'Neel et al. (2015)

presenter: J. Zimmermann
paper: Fried et al. (2015)

presenter: C. Kienholz
paper: Motyka et al. (2013)

presenter: J. Zechmann
paper: Jenkins (2011)

presenter: D. Brinkerhoff
paper: Xu et al. (2012)

presenter: M. Debolskiy
paper: Cenedese and Gatto (2016)








JIRP Undergrad/Grad Ideas

Project directions
Data collection/analysis towards surface mass balance model validation
o Snow radar
o More stakes
o Anything on Luellen glacier?
Low frequency radar? - to get ice thicknesses, near divide, especially to get constraints for models
Possible for short helo flights
Possible to use snow machine for overnight trip
Existing weather stations at main camps - 18 and 10 campbell sci
- the ~60 year data is from mecury thermometers
Idea for bedrock GPS and seismic as background, the students can request equipment from UNAVCO/PASSCAL for more specific projects
Divide migration – between Taku and Luellen – profiles across
Regular DEMs from Paul Morin? But lots of imagery
Martin’s Taku project would allow us to request it over DEM - drilling, seismics - to look at bed processes
Water content in firn/superimposed ice
o Calorimeter in ice (Will did this)
o Soil Moisture Sensor
Grad students – getting them to help – doing small Global Change Grant where they would help undergrads.

Action Items
• UA wide JIRP scholarship – letter from all glaciologists in Alaska – Dean Layer first
• Meeting for 2015 JIF/JIRP specific projects

Wednesday Lunch Seminar/Discussion 12:30-1:30

Wednesday Lunch Seminar and/or Discussion

1 - 2 pm, map room (Elvey 4th floor)
Please add your name if you want to bring something to discuss:

FALL 2015

Dec 3

Christian Kienholz: Visit at Antarctic Research Center in Wellington, New Zealand,

Nov 21

Matvey Debolski: Modeling Jarvis Creek

Oct 15

Aurora etc : Northwest Glaciologist's Meeting Practice Talks

Oct 14

Jessica Zimmermann : MSc thesis proposal defense; 12 pm

Oct 7

Jenna Zechman: Taku Glacier (oral MSc proposal defense); 11 am

Sep 30

Christian Kienholz: Mass-balance modeling of Black Rapids Glacier

Sep 23

Regine Hock: Frontiers in Earth Sciences - A new journal in cryospheric sciences & global glacier projections

Sep 16

Sam Herreid: Debris-covered glaciers


Feb 25

Anthony Arendt : Cloud computing solutions for glaciological applications

Feb 20 (NOTE: different day for this seminar: Friday !)

Shin Sugiyama : Update on Japanese activities in Greenland, Patagonia and Antarctica

Feb 11

Doug Brinkerhoff : Modelling spontaneous thermofrictional ice stream generation.

Feb 4

Christian Kienholz : Alaska inventory

Jan 30, 2015 (NOTE: different day for this seminar: Friday !)

Sam Herreid : Surging glaciers in Alaska


Dec 10, 2014

Masahiro Minowa: will present his work in Japan and what he hopes to accomplish in the next two 2.5 months at UAF

Nov 26

Andy Bliss: Glacier/runoff modeling Susitna basin

Nov 19

Andy Aschwanden: SMB-dh/dt

Nov 12

Will Harrison: Why surges?

Nov 4

Erin Antarctica

Oct 29

Joanna Young: Slide show of summer field work
Undergrad Research on JIRP - Erin Pettit - at least one and maybe more undergrads are interested in doing some real research during their time on JIRP next summer. With URSA deadlines for funding coming up for them, I'd like us to brainstorm ways student can do research that connects some of our work with data they can collect on JIRP (and they can process and work on back here too).

Oct 22

Movie Baffin Island Expedition 1950s (Andy A)

Oct 15

Laura Conner: The learning sciences and outreach at the GI

Oct 8

Simon Fihol
Can few 2*4'' and a bit of plywood teach us something about why snow surfaces are so smooth?

Oct 1

Overview of cryospheric international organizations